Backend engineer/ Crypto Engineer / Architect

Taipei City, Taiwan
Backend Engineer
Full Time
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What You'll Do / Responsibilities

Backend engineer

To help develop and architect blockchain systems, database, and cloud infrastructure.
The backend will support our blockchain, cryptocurrency, AIoT applications.

- Development and architecture design.
- Write clear, well-tested and modular code
- Maintain and deploy service
- Collaborate with other team members
- Create technical documentations


Crypto Engineer

Security device, smart card 上的安全架構設計 、介面設計、軟體開發、軟硬體系統整合與測試

Required Qualifications

Backend engineer

- Passion in IoT/ Cloud service/ Blockchain application
- Experienced in backend development for 2 years or more
- Familiar with Unit test /performance tuning/ troubleshooting
- Familiar with HTTP/HTTPS protocol
- Familiar with RESTful API
- Familiar with OOP Programing or Functional Programing
- Familiar with web authentication
- Familiar with database (SQL & NoSQL)

* Experienced at least one of each item:
- Cloud platform:
AWS/ Azure/ GCE
- Programing languages:
Python/ NodeJS/ Golang
- Frameworks:
Django/ Express/ Beego/ Gorilla or other MVC framework
- Version control:
Git, Git flow
* Nice to have:
Good communication skills
Experienced in APIs design & related tool (swagger)
CI/ CD system (Jenkins/ travis/ Salt)
Experienced in Docker container
Group participation in university


Crypto Engineer

- 必須非常熟悉 C 語言 & 至少一種腳本語言
- 熟悉 JavaScript / Python / Bash 等腳本語言做自動化
- 懂Java 語言尤佳
- 了解比特幣、以太幣等密碼貨幣之運作原理為佳
- 了解密碼學為佳

Preferred Qualifications

Benefits / Compensation

- 優質舒適的辦公環境

- 優於勞基法的休假制度

- 定期的學習成長課程與Team building

- 提供相關教育補助,如 CISSP資安認證補助

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