FrontEnd Programmer

Taipei City, Taiwan
Frontend Engineer
Full Time
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What You'll Do / Responsibilities

Focus on Facility management, Cryptocurrency custody, and blockchain applications.
- Develop and maintain Web Apps/ Mobile app/ Desktop app
- Write clear, well-tested and modular code
- Collaborate with other team members
- Create technical documentation

Required Qualifications

- Self-awareness and a desire to continually improve

- Working knowledge of web markup, including HTML5, CSS3

- Working knowledge of code versioning tools, such as Git

- Experience with Node.js, React, Redux, Material Design, Bootstrap or other FLUX libraries

Preferred Qualifications

- Experience with automated testing frameworks is plus

- Experience with Typescript is a plus

- Experience with React Native is a plus

Benefits / Compensation

- 優質舒適的辦公環境

- 優於勞基法的休假制度

- 定期的學習成長課程與Team building

- 提供相關教育補助,如 CISSP資安認證補助

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