Researcher / Research Engineer / Research Assistant

Taipei City, Taiwan
Full Time
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What You'll Do / Responsibilities


  • Design, prototype, and implement cryptographic protocols that contribute to BTQ network
  • Working with the research team on designing protocol for blockchains
  • Screening projects by reading protocol specifications and evaluating the technical teams
  • Reasoning through the emerging trends in the space and identifying non-obvious opportunities for deployment of capital
  • Working closely with technical teams on their mining mechanism, cryptographic primitives, crypto-economic model, smart contract security, and other questions that come up around protocols and software
Required Qualifications


  • MS/PhD in Computer Science/Engineering, or related field
  • Solid understanding of (at least one)
    • Cryptography - design provably secure, scalable and practical cryptographic protocols, areas of interest include multi-party computation, zero-knowledge proof and post-quantum cryptography
    • Distributed systems - design, analyze and implement algorithms and architectures for dependable and scalable distributed systems
    • Formal verification - develop and apply techniques to give strong security guarantees for smart contract
  • Ability to identify unconventional trends and emerging technologies
  • Sharp analytical mind with a killer instinct to identify deals in the market
  • Ability to aggregate information from a variety of sources including technical repositories and anecdotal feedback from teams, then draw informed conclusions from incomplete information
  • Able to explain complex concepts in simple terms to a non-technical audience
  • An open minded research approach and genuine intellectual curiosity
  • Contributions to research communities/efforts, including publishing papers in the field of cryptography, distributed systems, or programming languages.
Preferred Qualifications

Preferred Qualifications

  • Courses/experience in cryptography, distributed systems, and/or formal verification. 
  • Coding experience in one or more languages – Python/C/C++/Java/Go/Rust
  • Experience in advanced cryptography (e,g, MPC, zero-knowledge proofs, threshold signature)
  • Experience shipping cryptographic protocols or primitives to production
  • A desire to teach and mentor team members in your area of expertise Published research paper in reputable cryptography journals and conferences
Benefits / Compensation

- 優質舒適的辦公環境 

- 優於勞基法的休假制度 

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